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The basis of the work of PKYC

PKYC’s work is based on the teachings of a 500-year-old Indian oral lineage of Kundalini experts. Since Kundalini Shakti, the Divine within each of us, is the cause of all spiritual experiences, the study of Kundalini is at the same time the study of spirituality.

The teachings of PKYC represent a universal approach for understanding and improving spiritual experiences.

Based on texts, oral tradition, extended case studies and direct spiritual experience, it explains the spiritual development and shows how accompanying phenomena and hindrances can be overcome through effective methods to reach the spiritual goal. The knowledge is based on the study of many religious and spiritual traditions and their numerous methods. This is why people from different religious backgrounds can benefit from the guidance of PKYC without changing their spiritual orientation.

PKYC supports people in their spiritual development within their own belief systems.