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What is Kundalini ?



According to Vedic texts, Kundalini Shakti is the feminine creative power of the Divine. She is the active aspect of the One Consciousness that manifests in creation. It is She who creates the subtle body which is the template for the gross body in utero. After the creation of the gross body, She settles down in the root chakra and maintains it from there in a dormant condition. In this state, She is often depicted or described as a 'sleeping serpent'.

Therefore Kundalini Shakti is the living spiritual power in every human being. At some point during our journey in this creation, She becomes active and begins to move towards a reunion with the One Consciousness from which She was in fact never separate. She begins the ascent through one of several possible nadis in the subtle body, and while doing so, She brings into consciousness all imprints from the current and earlier lifetimes that are stored in the subtle body and dissolves them. For this to take place, the subtle body must be vital enough, and it’s vitality is determined by our lifestyle (nutrition, emotionality, stress). If the subtle body is not vital enough, it may happen that Kundalini chooses to ascend via an unfavourable nadi, or She may be hindered in Her ascent by blockages and/or impurities in the subtle body. The active Kundalini Shakti tries to reach Her goal of spiritual realization by any means. If She encounters obstacles in the ascent, She tries to ameliorate the situation so she can continue. This can cause uncomfortable, difficult experiences (see below). Some of these can be remediated by improvements in lifestyle, but others need the support of a spiritual master who knows how to facilitate the Kundalini rising through suitable spiritual practices.
Kundalini Shakti
One Light - Many Ways

by Joan Shivarpita Harrigan