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How do I know that I am in a Kundalini process?

While several kinds of Kundalini risings can be distinguished, the possible phenomena of a Kundalini process are infinite, and each rising has its own individual manifestations.

Main signs are:

  • deep desire for inner development, spiritual yearning, interest in spiritual texts, strong compassion, and the wish to help others
  • Inner experience of light, sounds, or heat, sensations of flowing energy or inner vibration, spontaneous body movements, and unusual body symptoms
  • Heightened awareness of inner experiences, distinctive sensitivity, and a feeling of being different or incomplete
  • Altered states of consciousness, intense feelings of happiness, mystic experiences, special talents and special capacities of perception, medial capacities, healing capacities, challenging somatic or psychological symptoms, heightened or lowered sexual desire
  • The sense that something unusual, transformative, or holy is happening

Also if the cause of a Kundalini rising is a shock experience in this or a former lifetime, the process can be accompanied by uncomfortable experiences.