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How does PKYC support people in their Kundalini process?

People who seek the support of PKYC will be asked to write three histories (biographical, medical, spiritual), following a list of questions. Based on these stories, Silvia will ascertain whether the person is in a Kundalini process. If so, she identifies the kind of rising, existing blockages, and/or other complications in its course.

If a Kundalini process is confirmed, it becomes possible to participate in a two-month retreat in India.
During this retreat, at the most four participants at the same time learn to understand and to effectively support their process.
If the Kundalini process is difficult because it is in an unfavourable nadi or because blockages hinder Kundalini in Her rising, the goal of the retreat is to correct the process and to eliminate the blockages so that She can rise through the central column to Makara Point in the Ajna Chakra (brow chakra).
Each retreatant receives an individualized yoga program (which may contain exercises from different spiritual traditions), that is done four times each day during the retreat. Through the yoga practice (asanas, breathing exercises, meditation) the subtle body is precisely treated.
Yoga practice is supported by vegetarian diet and possible massage, which strengthens the prana. A strong prana system is the prerequisite for the improvement of the Kundalini process. Trips to selected spiritual places enhance the spiritual atmosphere of the retreat.

Continuous support
After the retreat there is the possibility of regular consultations via Skype.


  • The fees for a retreat differ according to location, duration and program.


River Ganga in Rishikesh